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sweet TnT post: the ultimate tomato saw-uce

I have a love affair with tomatoes. I really do.

And polenta, if you let my friend Christine tell the story. But today, we’re talking about tomatoes.

Specifically, tomato sauce, and why Ragu and Prego and Rao’s and ‘em have got nothing on the tomato sauce that I’m about to hook you up with the recipe to.

I’m sure everyone reading this has gone in the store when they wanted to make spaghetti and went strolling down the pasta aisle to grab a jar of spaghetti sauce. You probably went through the brands, looking for chunky versus garlic versus classic – depending on the mood you were in. Well, I’m here to explain why you will never ever do that again.

So I have a confession to make. I was supposed to give allyuh this recipe back in August, when it was tomato season and it was the absolute bestest time in the ever to make tomato sauce. I didn’t. Life happened. Don’t judge me. It’s definitely not tomato season anymore, but you can still get quality tomatoes to make sauce with – because that is definitely what is going down here.

Tomato. Sauce.

The key to picking a tomato? It should be firm with a touch of give. It shouldn’t be waxy – waxy means it’s been treated. And then that means that whatever they decided to treat said tomato with is now in your sauce. You don’t want those sorts of problems in your life. The other thing you should be acutely aware of is the mealy tomato. The mealy tomato you can tell because when you squeeze it gently, your squeeze stays. When you cut into it, it appears grainy on the inside, because whoever grew them wanted them to ripen quickly so that they could sell them. No, what you want are pretty, fairly firm, bright red, ripe and glorious tomatoes.

Try this recipe out on a day that you have time. Rainy days where you have no intention of doing anything but binge watching Netflix shows and sipping hot chocolate are the perfect days for this sort of thing. If you don’t have any days like this in the near future but you have a crock pot, this is a good recipe for that. You’ll notice there’s an asterisk next to one of your ingredients below, mainly because it’s an ingredient that I’m not thrilled about using. Having said that – it will make or break your sauce. Omit it when you do this again in the summertime. And then thank me later.

Especially after I give you the recipe for lasagna Bolognese.