Events and Pop Ups

If you've ever been to an event hosted by The CaribDiva Company, you know that you're in for a treat! At every crafted event, we give you our motto of Food, Words, Love and Soul - with a touch of pure Vybez! Our CaribDiva Pop Up Series has evolved into a brand all it's own!

Caraibes: A CaribDiva Pop Up Experience

“Caraibes” is the name of the pop up series hosted by Kimi the CaribDiva, Executive Chef and Owner of The CaribDiva Company. The CaribDiva Company specializes in intimately crafted events, where the only thing better than the vibe is the food. The pop up series started off with French names that highlighted different focuses for each pop up, eventually evolving into the Caraibes series, or “Caribbean” in French. The Caraibes series features multiple courses of elevated, inspired and seasonal Caribbean cuisine with curated cocktails, focusing on highlighting the courses being presented. Carefully selected wines from vineyards owned by people of color are also featured during these events. The events are hosted in a secret location, lending to a vibe of exclusive elegance that cannot be found anywhere else.

For pics of Caraibes and previous pop ups, as well as info on upcoming events, click the tab "The CaribDiva Experience"!

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Our Dream

The CaribDiva Company is a boutique food and event curation company designed to authentically connect communities through creative experiences. The CaribDiva Company aspires to be a Caribbean-centered immersive experience, connecting communities with cultural food, events, and products from around the world.